Collar Studs

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Collar Studs are used to provide a spacer between the parent metal and the part secured on threaded extension.

Material: Low carbon steel, ASTM A 108 1010-1020. Stainless steel 18-8.

***Sizes below are MINIMUM length requirements

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GET A QUOTE Diameter: 3/8-16
Std. B: 5/8
Min. L.: 1/2
C: 215
E: 1/2
Ferrule Part Number: FER04 C
GET A QUOTE Diameter: 1/4-20
Std. B: 5/8
Min. L.: 1/2
C: 275
E: 5/8
Ferrule Part Number: FER05 C
GET A QUOTE Diameter: 5/16-18
Std. B: 5/8
Min. L.: 1/2
C: .330
E: 5/8
Ferrule Part Number: FER06 C
Get a quote Diameter: 1/2-13
Std. B: 3/4
Min. L.: 9/16
C: 448
E: 3/4
Ferrule Part Number: FER08 C


Low Carbon Mechanical Property Requirements Stainless Steel
Tensile Strength61,000 psi min. Material: Stainless Steel
AISI grade - 302/304/316.
Other grades available upon request.
Mechanical Properties: Values for various grades available upon request.
Yield Strength49,000 psi min.
Elongation (% in 2 in.)17% min.
Elongation (% in 5x dia.)14% min.
Reduction of Area50% min.

How to Order:
Specify diameter, thread size before weld (BW) length, type of material.
Ex: CK .330 x 4 1/8 w/ 3/8-16 x 5/8

When ordering Stainless Steel, SS will be added to the part number.