STUDPRO Lite (#10 max)

Incorporates the latest solid state technology into a compact and rugged, portable CD Pin Welder. This system has the capacity to weld pins (including Cup Head pins) up to 10-gauge and CD Studs up to #10.


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  • Digital DC Voltage readout for accurate weld settings.
  • Cooling fan for increased efficiency.
  • Dial-down DC voltage setting.
  • 15 amp circuit requirement.
  • Power output at lower DC voltage requirement.
  • Terminal connections on the capacitor are over 5/8″ in diameter for a good seat on the bus bars to increase reliability.
  • The STUDPRO Lite is mounted in a rugged outer case for greater durability, texture, and appearance.
  • The STUDPRO Lite weighs approximately 12.5 pounds for ease of carrying.
  • The STUDPRO Lite has an optional shoulder strap for easy carrying and comfort.

Does Not Include SWP Advantage Program

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